5 Tricky Ways to Fit in Fitness Around Campus

Getting to the gym as a full-time student can be tough—there’s class work and social and financial obligations. Fortunately, there are other ways to get your workout in whether it’s on your way to class, mid–study session, or on the occasional night off from the books.

  1. Take a time-out
    Time flies when you’re…writing papers. Download a free app such as Time Out to remind yourself to get up and move when you need it most. Use your time-out to perform some incline push-ups with your hands on your desk, squats in your dorm room, or some silent stretches in the library.
  2. Get credit
    Many schools offer fitness-based classes such as yoga, weightlifting, and dance for credit, says Kelly Pritchett, PhD, RD, assistant professor of nutrition and exercise science at Central Washington University. Plus, if the class you are taking is for credit, it will increase your accountability!
  3. Commute to class by foot
    Put your phone away—the trance-like zombie walk isn’t going to help your fitness case. Make your commute to class count by either fast-walking, biking, or skateboarding your way there, recommends exercise physiologist Jenna Cabrera, MS, a physical therapy technician at Mclean County Orthopedics in Bloomington, IL. If you’re on wheels, just make sure to wear your helmet.
  4. Find free parking
    If you must drive to campus, opt for a free parking lot, says Pritchett. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also score plenty of extra steps, since free lots are typically the farthest from class, she explains.
  5. Find your #FITUFAM
    What’s college without social time?! Fit University, a community of college students committed to staying fit, hosts weekly meetups for workouts, workshops, and more. Find a chapter near you or information that give workout and nutrition tips at gofitu.com.
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