Patti Before and After

Success Story

Patti Never Gave Up!

By Terri Stansell, Leader and Writer

August 11, 2012, Patti walked into a Weight Watchers meeting, along with her daughter.

We all have a reason why we walk through the door at a Weight Watchers meeting and Patti was returning this fourth time for her daughter. Her daughter was now a teen and getting ready to head to high school in the next year, and she was worried that her weight would cause the other kids to make fun of her. So, Patti, knowing that Weight Watchers worked and was a healthy means of losing weight, brought her daughter to a meeting.

They attended together every week. And then came the day that her daughter started high school. And after having lost 30lbs, her daughter was ready to stop attending Weight Watchers. But Patti kept going to meetings. And for the next nine months, Patti lost and gained the same 10lbs. But she kept going, and she said, “I’m not sure why...”

“What is your why?”

During those nine months, Patti kept going to her meeting and stayed motivated because of the friends she had made in the meeting…her “tribe.” Each week she went to the meetings because she wanted to see her friends, the ones she only saw once a week at Weight Watchers. She hadn’t been fully working the program, but she kept going and one week things changed...

The meeting topic that week gave Patti a “lightbulb” moment that would change her journey. The topic was “What is your why?” Patti realized that her “why” had left when her daughter quit going with her. And now she needed a new why….a “why” that would be “more important than the chips and unhealthy things” and would motivate her to lose the weight and keep it off. Patti says that “the why is the single most important thing in weight loss because without the why we don’t achieve our goals”. And so Patti set out to discover her new “why.”

“Patti realized she deserved that Gold Key.”

After some reflection, Patti realized that her “why” was to get a Gold Key, achieve Lifetime status. Period. With each time before she would get to the finish line and stop. This time she wanted the Gold Key. But, was this a good enough “why,” Patti didn’t consider it a “noble” reason. When she joined for her daughter she felt that was a noble “why.” How could the Gold Key be good enough? After some self-reflection, Patti realized she deserved that Gold Key.

One of Patti’s biggest “aha’s” was that “there is no time limit to reaching my goal. This is NEVER over. I will be on this journey for the rest of my life.” That realization took the stress out of the journey and the pressure off. It didn’t matter how long it was going to take, she was going to do it because forever was the time she had. She was in this for the lifestyle.

Patti’s other learnings were—

--If something is not working, do something different. When she got stuck on a plateau, she would do something different—different food, different amount of food or activity, different activity, anything that would change things up.

--Patti likes to experiment with her food, finding ways to lighten the smartpoints value. And one thing she found is that “marinade does not need oil!” No sense is using SmartPoints for the oil when it wasn’t needed.


Patti also learned some things with the introduction of the new Freestyle plan, which she loves. One thing Freestyle has done for her is give here the freedom to enjoy the foods that she had not allowed herself to eat before. The foods she loved that were higher in points she denied herself previously, leaving her feeling deprived. But now with Freestyle, Patti is enjoying those foods, especially cheese and nuts. She says she can fit them in comfortably now.

Most important rule Patti embraces --NEVER QUIT! And she didn’t. Even when the going got tough. As Patti approached her goal weight she struggled with 1 lb. For eight weeks, Patti lost and gained that same pound but she never gave up. She knew this was for life, and no matter how long it took she was going to reach her goal and get her Gold Key. During those eight weeks, Patti did everything she knew would help--changing things, trying new things, even drinking water…something she had struggled to do on her journey.

“She reached her goal, having lost 205lbs.”

Patti never gave up. For Patti, quitting was not negotiable. Everything else on her journey….food, exercise, etc was negotiable, but quitting was NOT negotiable!

Patti finally broke through and lost that pound (and a couple more) and reached her goal, having lost 205lbs. Then on May 12, 2017, almost five years after starting, Patti received her Gold Key and Lifetime status.