Adam and Heather Before and After

Success Story

Recovering Couch Potatoes!

Not too long ago, Adam and Heather Erwin found more than comfort in their couch. They found excuses.

Today, they’re recovering couch potatoes who didn't have the energy or the strength to go outside and play with their kids and now don't have time to sit on the couch.

“Adam, is down an incredible 180 pounds.”

“Sometimes I forget what it was like before we lost the weight,” said Heather, who has lost 80 pounds while her husband, Adam, is down an incredible 180 pounds. “Now, we’re busy with the kids and out doing things. We’d rather be up and about than being on the couch. I remember when the kids wanted to go out and play or go to the park and I was thinking ‘how am I going to muster the energy to get up and go?’ Things that were really basic were so miserable to us.”

Adam, who has earned Lifetime membership, gives Heather credit for his own success that began with his decision join her after she “had a very hard first week and actually gained weight. I told her I’d go with her.”

Stepping on the scale that October day in 2016 was an eye-opener when the number hit 369.8. “I knew I needed to do something,” although he admits he really knew that long before he saw his weight.

“My feet and knees hurt all the time.”

“I had severe sleep apnea,” he said. “My wife said she’d wake up all the time and would have to check to see if I was breathing. She actually had to wake me up several times because I wasn’t.”

But that was only part of it. “My feet and knees hurt all the time. There were times I would wake up in the morning and I couldn’t stand up or walk,” he said. “I limped to the bathroom because my ankles were so stiff. I dreaded getting up. Now, it’s not even a concern.”

But it was at the time, and not just for Adam.

“I was afraid to leave the kids if I had to leave the house because he couldn’t get up and walk,” Heather explained. “It was his weight.”

Each of them had tried Weight Watchers in the past but stopped. This time was different.

“Why did I stay on Weight Watchers this time? I just started to notice the changes and feel better about myself,” Adam said. “And, getting the complements from people who noticed also helped. In the past, I always lost weight, but never enough for others to notice. Going to the meetings and getting support from people and having them tell me how great I’ve been doing was important. A lot of things helped me along, but my wife being part of it was huge.”

“She was a big reason I stayed on.”

For Heather, “I had reached a point where I was really starting to become depressed. I knew a lot had to with my weight. I decided after an emotional visit to the doctor that I would start again. Adam was a big advocate.”

So was Leader Dawn Price. “She was a big reason I stayed on,” Heather said. “She has such great energy and with Adam and I doing it together, we got into the right mindset. We had just reached the point where we were so uncomfortable in our own skin that we knew we had to change. That combination of doing it together, Dawn and a changing mindset really pushed us.”

The Freestyle program contributed to their commitment. “I always eat a bunch of protein anyway, but not having to track the points makes it easier,” Adam said. “When Freestyle rolled out in December, I was pretty close to my goal, but it was dragging about a half pound at a time. When Freestyle kicked in, it jump started me and catapulted me to my goal.

“I’m Lifetime, but I still track every day. Weight Watchers has become a part of my life and my routine. We’ve changed our lifestyles. I don’t plan on ever stopping. Heather feels the same way,” he added.

Even their 13-year-old son has lost weight by changing the way and the food that he eats.

“We have so much more energy.”

“I always tell Adam that if he hadn’t started with me and stayed on it, I would have quit a long time ago,” Heather said. “After my first two weeks when I gained weight, I wouldn’t have gone back. It was stuck in my mind that it was a fad diet, but I just hadn’t really thought about how it’s going to take time to do this the healthy way.”

She mixes hot yoga and trips to the gym into her routine. Adam also hits the gym “and has done a lot of running, swimming and weight lifting,” Heather explained. “We have so much more energy. Before, we were just on the couch. We didn’t go and do anything extra. Just to walk around and go shopping, we’d break a sweat. Now, we just don’t want to be on the couch.”

“I never want to go back to that guy.”

She said that every now and then she’ll “find a picture of Adam and take it to him. I ask him if he remembers this. He’ll just stare at the pictures and say, ‘I never want to go back to that guy.’”

You can be sure he won’t.

“It’s not an understatement to say that Weight Watchers saved my life. It really did,” Adam said. “I was pre-diabetic, and that’s not a problem anymore. I don’t snore, and I have so much energy. I don’t know where I’d be right now if I didn’t start at Weight Watchers. Certainly over 400 pounds and diabetic. It’s certainly not understating that it saved my life. I might not even be here if I hadn’t started.”