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Get healthier with the new myWW® program

Lose weight—your way!

WW has weight loss down to a science. And our NEW myWW® program puts it to work for you!

  1. Take our assessment to discover your best weight-loss approach.
  2. Follow the path that matches your preferences and lifestyle.
  3. Live your program. Lose your weight. Love your life!
Let’s do this!
New myWW program

Count on WW of Arizona to give you more options when it comes to choosing snacks and meals. You’ll now get matched with one of three paths in our new program.

Green: 100+ ZeroPoint foods and a sizable SmartPoints Budget.

Blue: 200+ ZeroPoint foods and a moderate SmartPoints Budget.

Purple: 300+ ZeroPoint foods and a modest SmartPoints Budget.

Your points. Your way. The all NEW myWW® program.

Now WW Arizona Meetings are online from the safety of your home!

In-person Meetings are currently paused for the health and safety of our Members. Our Virtual Meetings will deliver you all the tools you need – including your Coach – to help you stay on your journey without worry.

Online WW Meetings provide:

  • WW Arizona Coach delivering a power packed topic with science-based strategies and living her/his own weight loss story
  • and support from fellow WW Community Members sharing their successes and challenges every week

To participate in Virtual Meetings, please go to wwaz.com/webinars to register. If you are not a WW Member, please join here.

At WW Arizona, we are always here for you!