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What does it mean to eat better?

It means making nutritious choices that help you lose weight, live healthier—and feel satisfied. Eating better is changing some less healthy eating habits for healthier ones. That’s all. It’s not as difficult, uncomplicated or unappealing as we’re led to believe. The SmartPoints® plan nudges you towards those best-for-you choices by assigning a SmartPoints value, based on calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein, to every food and drink. Foods that are lower in added sugar and sat fat will be lower in SmartPoints values; foods that are higher will have higher SmartPoints values.

You can “spend” your SmartPoints Budget—your daily SmartPoints target plus your Weekly SmartPoints—however you like, keeping in mind that to lose weight, you’ll want to stick within your Budget.

But it’s not just what you eat, it’s how, why, and when you eat. We want to help you nourish your whole self and get to a healthy mindset about food and eating. Because in the long run, that will help you lose weight—and keep it off for life.

5 ways to get started eating better:

  1. Stick with tracking. It makes you aware of what and how much you’re eating, and is a powerful predictor of weight –loss success.
  2. Try new foods. Delight your taste buds with fresh flavors—it will add pleasure to your plan.
  3. Eat slowly and mindfully. You’ll enjoy your food more, and may be likely to eat less.
  4. Watch portion sizes. Try to weigh ad measure your food and drink to keep SmartPoints in check.
  5. Choose what you like. Deprivation doesn’t work in the long run.